Hot Waxing Climbing Skins

It's that time of the year again. The solar is on but it's still snowing. This creates wide fluctuations in snow surface temperatures and snow consistency leading to the dreaded glopping of skins. Anyone who's spent anytime touring in the spring knows what I'm talking about. It's absolutely maddening. I've covered many aspects of the climbing skin in these pages but this final detail has eluded publication here until now. For those new readers, you can catch up here, here and here.

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Making It Better - The elusive perfect touring pant

The perfect pair of ski mountaineering pants do not exist. After years of beating the crap of many, I feel like I know what the perfect pair looks and feels like but no one has made them yet. So, I continue to buy and try, occasionally coming across a pair that gets close. The Dynafit TLT Dynastretch 2 Pant is one that is at least in the ball park. As you will see, I took it another step closer to what I’m looking for with a simple(?) mod and some time with the Singer sewing machine.

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Boot Unrest - What's old is new and the Scarpa Alien RS

Regular readers know that I spent last season giving the Arcteryx Carbon Procline boot a fair shake out. You can read my review here. Suffice it to say, I didn’t love it enough to spend another season in it. As my skiing has sought out steeper, more committing lines, I’ve decided that more support on the down is beneficial. I’m not talking the need for some sort of over-built free ride boot but simply something that “pushes back” when pressing forward in turns. I can make anything work but I want a tic more beef.

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Stuff I Like - Free Range Raven Pack

As an admitted gear geek, I love innovation and respect those who attempt to create it. Tosch Roy at Free Range Equipment is one such individual. A few years ago, Tosch and his small crew of like-minded fun hogs decided they would take on the seemingly tapped-out market of climbing packs and try to do it better. A climber and skier himself, Tosch saw plenty of room for improvement in the industry’s current offerings and knew he could lend his creative instincts to the task of making something better. The result is a line of light, durable, no-non-sense packs designed for climbers and ski alpinists.

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Stuff I like - Movement Skis

I've used many brands of skis over the last few decades but one brand has impressed me enough lately that I want to dedicate a post about it here. Movement Skis out of Switzerland make some of the lightest and most reliable skimo and freeride skis on the market. They offer the full range from silly light skimo race sticks to modestly fat powder boards and everything in between. I currently own three models with plans to add a fourth early next season. Below is my take on my quiver.

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